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     Hello and welcome once again to my website.  In the following pages I have strived to present an overview of my technical expertise that I have developed during my career. I started my career in electronics some thirty-three years ago. I have been employed as a bench technician, systems technician, programmer, engineer, field applications engineer, supervisor and manager. For more than 10 years I held the position of Operations Test Manager for Nokia. During my time with Nokia I have seen the Information Technology and Test Engineering disciplines become very interrelated. Many of the automated product alignment and testing equipment require IT resources to function and store test data. Through this relationship I have developed skills that encompass both the Information Technology and Test Engineering fields. Listed below is a brief overview of my experience.

Test Engineering
  • Telecom Key Systems, PBX and CO testing and repair experience.
  • Designed Component Test Boxes for Incoming QC Inspection.
  • In-Circuit Test Programming and Fixture Design.
  • Borland C, VB, NI TestStand and SQL Skills.
  • 25+ years experience with all aspects of product testing and repair.
  • Experience with AMPS (IS-91), TDMA (IS-136), GSM, CDMA (IS-95) and LTE  Cellular Protocols.
  •  High volume electronics manufacturing test experience.
  • Created custom software images for PC automated production test equipment.
  • Experience with Machine Vision Systems used in Production test of displays.
  • Created code that generates Barcodes and advanced two-dimensional symbology.
  •  Repaired Zebra, Intermec and various other industrial production equipment.
  • Board and system level experience in troubleshooting and repair of telecom PBX, Key Systems and CO frames.
  • Developed ICT programs for Computer Automation Mica 5000, GenRad 2270 and Fairchild systems.
  • Designed ICT fixtures and built various component test boxes.
  • Created test programs for Cablescan and Teradyne N123 backplane and cable harnesses.
  • Developed Preventive Maintenance guides for Production Test Systems.
  •  Performed TX and RX RF Path Loss calibrations.
  • Familiar with Agilents line of test and measurement equipment portfolio.
  • Performed ECN application to products.
  • Programming tools used include Visual Basic and Borland c.
  • Knowledge of Scripting Language include WinBatch and Windows Script 5.6.
  • Good soldering, component removal and strap wiring skills.

Information Technology
  • Installed and configured various RAID setups on departmental servers.
  • Implemented Departmental Server for Engineering Team
  • Installed and administered Software Update Service (SUS)
  • Departmental Web Site Designed, Hosted and Managed
    OS Service Pack and Anti-Virus configuration for 300+ Client Workstations.
  • Designed Data Backup and Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Installed and configured RAID Arrays (RAID 0, 1, 5)
  • Participated in System Development Projects as Business Process Owner.
  • Created various project documents including Project Risk Management, Requirements Document, and deployment testing.
  • Knowledgeable of the using SDLC process of developing information systems through investigation, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of HTML, PHP, Apache, IIS and VBscript.
  • Implemented remote registry updates to client workstations without using GPO.


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